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I     IT support of the Ministry of Finance and its units

       1.    Full IT support of State Internal Audit Implementation System
       2.    Development of information resources of the Ministry, Automation of business processes and creation of flexible tools for effective information exchange



  • Increased effectiveness and transparency of the state budget related processes; simplification of program budget implementation process
  • Simplification of flexible budget planning and execution processes
  • Implementation of IPSAS accounting standard and simplification of the process of performing legislative changes
  • Simplification of internal audit system implementation process
  • Simplification of administrational and technical management of the ministry; Increased effectiveness of general management of the ministry
  • Simplification of HR management; increased transparence and effectiveness of general HR policy
  • Fostered and simplified electronic information exchange between the state agencies and private companies; Integration of the Ministry of Finance in State Electronic Government network


II    Support and Development of Information-Communication Infrastructure of the Ministry

  1. Improvement of Information-Communication infrastructure
  2. Ensuring Server-Communication infrastructure sustainable and secure operation



  • Ensuring the use of only licensed software within the IT system of the ministry
  • Ensuring uninterrupted, sustainable and reliable performance of electronic processes of the Ministry and its  units
  • Minimization of the error rate within the IT system of the ministry
  • Reliable and stable communication infrastructure; uninterrupted communicative support of key units
  • Ensuring IT system security of the Ministry; Unauthorized access and classified information security
  • Prevention of emergency breakdowns of systems; in case of breakdown quick and complete recovery of the system
  • Identification of each user of IT systems; severe monitoring of access levels of users; elaboration of terms of use for IT services


III International Standard Management and Service of IT Systems of the Ministry

  1. Elaboration of IT service management framework
  2. Implementation of IT service quality standards
  3. Certification of IT management service



  • Permanent monitoring of IT system management, service quality improvement processes
  • Cost and time effectiveness due to optimized management of resources; improvement of quality products and services
  • Improvement of HR management; forming of highly qualified, certified team; improvement of products and service quality
  • Regularly performed inventory of technical assets; fully automated service
  • Brining IT



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