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LEPL Financial Analytical Service

9 months Activity Report
(April 2010 – December 2010)

Information System of Electronic Treasury – eTreasury has been worked out and implemented. Currently, the absolute majority of budget organizations are enrolled in the system.
In April 2010 on State Budget Management Information Module creation has been initiated. The task of completing state budget planning module is accomplished. For the first time in Georgia’s history the State budget 2011 has been electronically generated using the system. It is planned to include state budget management system into the module.
Corporate Content and Task Management System eDocument has been designed and implemented. eDocument is effective, powerful, yet easy to use application for office documentation management that uses no paper.
Electronic auction for government owned goods has been designed and implemented. eAuction enables every interested citizen to participate in an online auction, where the goods are priced below the market prices.
Electronic system of annual property declaration submission for public servants has been elaborated.
Electronic request for origin permit certificate has been elaborated. Taxpayers’ portal has been modified and upgraded; all sorts of tax declaration now are available in electronic format. Simplified budget transactions system has been introduced and implemented.

The following electronic information exchange services have been introduced: tax registration, debt/liability, mortgage, property sequestration, payment history search system, identification of tax liabilities at customs check-point, etc.
Due to increased number of online services and customers several projects to strengthen capabilities of the IT systems of the Ministry has been carried out.
Middle performance server and database systems have been substituted with business-critical, high performance systems.
More than 700 budget and 16 private organizations use LEPL Financial Analytical Service electronic products. eDocument system is currently been implemented in 7 organizations.
Current electronic service systems and programs are being improved and upgraded along with the implementation of new applications. Support group of the LEPL Financial Analytical Service has served more than 50 000 hotline calls.
In 2010 LEPL Financial Analytical Service managed to design web-portals of all structural units of the Ministry. Hosting, as well as technical support of those web-portals is managed by the Service.

Projects planned for 2011:

  • Treasury program modification on functional and technological level
  • Elaboration of the Foreign Debts Management System FDMS
  • Enrollment other state organization in eAuction system
  • Data storage back-up center construction and maintenance
  • Incorporation of all electronic systems in united and unified system of the state financial management of the country

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