Electronic mail service

  • Online access of business registry data
  • Electronic calculation of customs taxes
  • Online monitoring of customs
  • Electronic searching system for owned property related taxes
  • Electronic searching system for gambling business related taxes
  • Electronic submission of all tax declarations for private entrepreneurs
  • Electronic custom services for transportation companies
  • Generation in electronic form of tax declarations (with support of ORIS accounting system)

Updated programs

  • Passport control module
  • Personal customs card
  • Tax payment management system, so called Golden List
  • Mail customs service


Information Management Systems

  • eDocument system implemented in 24 organizational units of the country
  • HRMS – Human Resources Management System
  • Electronic system of the court cases
  • Automated dispute appeals system

Updated systems and services

  • Up to 550 new and/or updated electronic services
  • Services not existed in 2008


Information System of Tax Administration

  • More than 80% of all users (382 out of 473) switched to new web-technology based platforms
  • More than 2000 new customers
  • More than 30 new modules
  • Web-site design
  • Web-site and web-platform structural and technical support
  • Web and mail hosting






eDocument - Corporate Content and Task Management System



eHRMS - ადამიანური რესურსების მართვის სისტემა