eAuction – Online Auction of State Owned Goods

  • User does not need to go to office to register, all required functions are performed online;
  • Personal payment of the advance fee is no longer required
  • Everyone can purchase governmental property without leaving house or office
  • The only requirement for the registration is Georgian citizenship or company registration
  • Users can pay product price or advance using flexible online services
  • Users can receive purchased property anywhere in Tbilisi without any extra fees for items above 50 GEL
  • System has flexible monitoring functions that allows users to control bidding process and view past results
  • System is equipped with alert system, that enables user always be informed about occurring events using mail and SMS services
  • System provides Multilanguage interface


eTreasury - State Treasury Electronic Service System

The system enables spending institutions to electronically send and receive payment related information.The system is secured with the highest level of security.

  • Automation of information exchange process between State Treasury and spending organizations.
  • Simplifies budget spending organizations' workflow and transaction processes.
  • Increases information exchange and process management effectiveness
  • Minimizes administrative expenses


eDocument – Corporate Content and Task Management System

A simple and effective product every organization finds useful; system enables paperless document exchange process.

  • User-friendly and effective interface;
  • Paperless document exchange process;
  • Electronic signature and approval;
  • Graphic visualization of document flow and relationships;
  • Control over task execution;
  • Shared work capability;
  • Document version control;
  • Automatic generation of tasks connected to documents;
  • Task Management and grouping into projects, programs, etc.
  • Advanced task and document search capabilities;
  • Integration with HR and other systems;


eBudget - electronic State Budget control system

The system enables budget institutions to electronically plan their budget.

  • Simplifies and systemizes budget planning process by providing flexible and mobile data flow
  • Automates budgeting process steps, dramatically increasing effectiveness and productivity of users
  • Decrease the error rate during the budget development process
  • Enables advanced data analysis by providing multifunctional analytical support
  • Provide customized sets of reports for various user categories
  • Providing data storage into the unified database


HRMS - Human Resource Management System

HR management Electronic system that covers the HR system of Ministry of Finance and all its units.

  • Electronic archive-catalogue, that is operated from a PC
  • Effective and flexible system for HR system monitoring
  • Possibility of simultaneous use of the system by the different HR units of the Ministry
  • Possibility of electronic filling-in of business trip and vacation papers

Web-sites and online platforms that are designed and served by the LEPL Financial Analytical Service – Official web-site of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on Georgian and English Languages - Official web-site of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on Georgian and English Languages - Official web-site of the Council of Tax Appeals under the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on Georgian and English Languages - Official web-site of the LEPL National Center of State Internal Control on Georgian and English Languages – Official web-site of the LEPL Investment Risk Management Agency on Georgian and English Languages







eDocument - Corporate Content and Task Management System



eHRMS - ადამიანური რესურსების მართვის სისტემა