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Contemporary organizational management and operations fully depend on information technologies virtually in every industry. In its own, information technologies, to become a useful tool and support business strategy, require data centers, servers, storage, network equipment, cooling, fire extinguishing systems, disaster recovery center, qualified administrators and many different supporting technologies and services. And when your capacities are not sufficient to address ever increasing workload, you will have to launch massive upgrade processes with all problems and complexities it usually entails.

Current technological advances in information systems enable organizations to address those complexities with cloud technology, allowing them to move entire server and storage infrastructure to cloud and forget all problems and expenses associated with the maintenance and management of that infrastructure.

Cloud system allows user to get a new server, block of servers, network devices, dynamically increase or decrease server resources – CPU, RAM, disk storage – with a single click of a mouse. And the organization does not worry about operating and maintaining physical devices or servers!

eCloud platform of Financial-Analytical Service offers cloud services that are based on two active-active datacenters, with more than 1000 servers and high-end data storage and processing systems, qualified administrators and support from the world’s leading technology vendors.



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