Call center

Operations department of Financial Analytical Service serves approximately 5600 telephone calls monthly.

General statistics of incoming calls:

1. General statistics of incoming calls according to the organizations:

a) Ministry of Finance of Georgia and structural units of the Ministry 12.9% (722 calls)
b)External budget institutions (consumers of Electronic treasury) 86.9% (4866 calls)
c)External budget institutions (consumers of electronic budget) 0.2% (11calls)

2. General statistics of incoming calls according to the issues:

a) Electronic treasury – 86.9% (4866 calls)
b) Electronic document-3.4% (179calls)
c) Electronic budget-0.1%(11calls)
d) Technical support-9.6%(537calls)

3. Relativity of problem solutions of electronic treasury consumers via telephone advice and E-mail:

a) Telephone-87%
b)Electronic  - 13%(correcting excel files, processing and preparing for uploading during payroll processing)






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